Monthly Archives: February 2012

Weaving, Finally!

I’m back to school this semester, and I’m finally taking Keren Lowell’s weaving class at UAA. I met her some number of years ago when I was selling my yarn at a local store that has since shut down, and I have been interested in the class ever since. We’ve been warping the loom this last week, and we’re on schedule to begin weaving a sampler this coming week.

I’m rabid about learning the new processes, and I keep staying late and getting too far ahead of the class and having to snort and paw and chomp at the bit and obsessively read through the studio library as I wait for the next set of instructions. I’m so bad that I’ve already started to plan next semester’s projects.

I am working on a LeClerc Colonial I, which is a fairly tall floor loom. It’s rather intimidating to work around, but I’ve been tinkering with it and feel like I have a good sense of what parts do what, even if I don’t remember all the names yet.

The neatest part so far is that I have been given custody of an old floor loom that was donated to the studio but is in such disrepair that will not work for the class. It’s in pieces, but all the pieces are there, and it does work, though some parts need to be replaced or repaired. It only came with two harnesses, but after I got a look at the diagrams for the loom and figured out all the parts, I think it was designed for four. It is truly an antique, and I was told it probably came up to Alaska during the gold rush, so it dates to at least 1900. I’ll see if I can find any makers marks when I get it put together.