Smitten Kitchen’s French Onion Soup

Today felt like a lost day while I waited for the repairman for the leaking toilet. He was supposed to show sometime around ten, and he came sometime after four. Toilet fixed+no charge=happy me.

I did decide to make Smitten Kitchen’s adaptation of Julia Child’s French Onion Soup, and it is a winner.

I used three large sweet onions instead of yellow. I replaced organic, low salt Better than Bullion in place of the beef stock, for lack of the latter. Instead of the dry white wine, all I had was a White Zin, so in it went, and I finished it with brandy instead of cognac–a step I was dubious about but which finished it beautifully. I toasted half a baguette sliced lengthwise covered in swiss for dipping sticks instead of the croutons, and it was a good substitute for the broiled crouton-in-soup approach.

Overall the soup was caramel sweet, incredibly rich, yet still light and not at all too salty as is often the case with this type of soup. I will definitely make this again, doubling the onions.


One response to “Smitten Kitchen’s French Onion Soup

  1. I’m going to direct my husband to this post. He has a recent passion for making French Onion Soup from scratch. Thanks!

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