Who needs furniture?

Apparently we don’t, but damn if it isn’t nice!

The move is going well, but there’s not a lot of moving going on yet. Because of the hour and a half commute time we brought only the pets, some clothes and other essentials and started sleeping into the new condo the day after my mother got the keys. This has made for a very furnitureless existence!

On day two we bought a new mattress and soon after I bought two new computer desks. Due to the small size of our sedan, we have only managed to bring two kitchen chairs, a folding table, two bar stools, my computer chair, and a tiny bedside table. Add in an antique secretary desk that we are using for a dresser, and that does not equal very much furniture for a three bedroom place.

Our old couches are either so damaged or so uncomfortable that they must be given away or thrown out. I would even pay people to take them away, they are that bad.

The new living room is an awkward shape. I thought my last living room was bad, very narrow and long. This one is even narrower and longer, but is compounded by the fact that you need to be able to walk through it into the kitchen, and the bar is turned at a 45 degree angle into the room rather than squared off.  Hard to picture, I know.

It’s even worse in person.

For now I’ve decided that the only solution to the space is one or two small love seats and many comfy and fun chairs. I’m looking for mostly used furniture, as the plan is that my mother and I will be recovering most everything to unify what is bound to be an eclectic set of furniture.

I’ve been scouring thrift stores and craigslist , and I finally found an amazing little loveseat for $30 at a local store. It’s dingier than all get out but it’s a substantial piece for its size, and is extremely comfy. It had been sitting under a wide shelf and when I slid it out and sat down in it, I immediately got up and bought it, trusting that I’d come up with some way to get it home.

I was fairly certain that I could squeeze it into the back of my sister’s jeep but it turned out to be about ten inches too long. I was not to be deterred. After lots of giggling and a little bit of magic, we got it inside the jeep with the rear door shut and took it home.

Ahhh… it’s all I’ve wanted for a week just to curl up with a good book on a comfy couch!


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