Monthly Archives: March 2011

Here’s to the Future!

We’re moving back into Anchorage to take advantage of my mother’s extreme generosity. She’s buying a condo as an investment property and wants us to live there. The situation will be rent free, but we will be covering utilities and the condo dues. She’s also sending me back to school on her dime, where I might finally (finally) get everything sorted out with my degree. For a number of reasons, I opted out of a job, so I’ve been home cleaning and sorting and generally getting our life ready for this transition.

That’s not the only new development. With all of the recent changes it feels like we’ve gotten a new public life to match our very happy one at home. My husband got a different position within his company that suits him much better, and his job satisfaction has gone way up. We’ve cultivated some new friends that fit our interests and lifestyle. We’ve finally admitted to ourselves that we’re full on D&D hobbyists rather than just casual players, and are no longer guilty about the time or money we spend on this endeavor. And we finally got rid of that cat that annoyed the piss out of everyone in our house, human and animal alike.

More changes are on the horizon: We’re making plans for a second dog; we’re finally getting on the ball in terms of financial organization; I’m going to the doctor for the first time in eight years (scary!); we’re starting to plan for children; and I am getting my etsy store up and running again with a wider scope that will allow me to have an outlet for all my creative endeavors.

This past year has been awesome, and as I look to the months ahead it seems to only be getting better. What’s been going on in your life?