First Snowfall

Time to get nesting again.


3 responses to “First Snowfall

  1. I feel that I should not be expected to function normally in the depths of winter. I want to hibernate. Not drive to work in a snow storm. And nesting sounds particularly appealing at this point. I miss being at home.

  2. HomespunHeretic

    I was sicker than a dog all weekend, and the past two days as well. I slept like a log for most of it, but for the rest? I cooked, baked, and cleaned. It was a terribly productive thing for when one is sick, but it was the ONLY thing that was making me feel better!

  3. hi there.. drop me an email if you get a chance? or a rav message? I owe you a box and am sane enough to mail it, once I verify where it needs to go.

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