Yogurt: Glass vs Plastic and New Brown Cow as Starter

I have a yogurt maker I picked up on the cheap off of craigslist. It’s the simple kind where the inner container sits inside of a heated bath of water. It’s perfect for times when I’m not sure the temperature of the house is warm enough for the oven method, and it’s less work than the water cooler method.

I have noticed some problems with my yogurt lately that seemed to point to either overheating or cleanliness. The inner container is probably two quarts, and it is made of plastic that is very hard to clean. I’ve been wanting to try a glass container for a while, and last night I bit the bullet and made yogurt in a wide-mouth quart mason jar.

Admittedly, I tend to scrape together ingredients for my yogurt, and I’m pretty casual about heating in the microwave (with frequent mixing to avoid hot spots) so there could be other problems, but I figured if it came out with the same problems, it would be a heat issue, and if it didn’t–well, let’s just say the plastic container would get the old heave-ho and I’d go from there.

I had half a container of the new Brown Cow Greek yogurt in my fridge, so I figured I’d try it out. I know, I know, empirically all my conclusions would be bust for being too muddled.

…Except the tasty ones!

I ended up with hands down the best tasting yogurt I’ve ever made. The consistency is somewhere between a custard and a chocolate mousse, the mouth feel is incredibly silky, and the flavor is so mild that it tastes almost like fresh milk. This is the closest to my beloved french yogurts that I’ve ever gotten, and I broke out the really special Hawaiian honey in celebration.

I’ve always had a problem with making really tangy yogurt, even when I cut the time down to six hours or less. This went for seven hours and was so mild that I will let it go for eight next time. I am looking forward to repeating this recipe to see if the results are repeatable and where the best methods lie.


One response to “Yogurt: Glass vs Plastic and New Brown Cow as Starter

  1. I had a similar experience. I used to use plastic. But one night tried glass. Hands down completely superior. It doesn’t even seem to matter the mixture, it is always better. Wonder why?

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