Door-to-door meat sales?

Patrick called me out of the office today because there was a guy at the front door saying he was doing meat sales. I was curious to see what he had to offer, hoping it was local and that I could get less than a 1/4 of a cow. I asked for a brochure, but he said he’d rather show me and ducked outside.

He brought in these two boxes, perhaps 3’x2’x2′ each, and pulled out these tiny trays of vacuum sealed meat. The beef box contained all sorts of specialty, high end cuts, all from Montana. Perhaps 25lbs of meat total. The chicken box contained individually packed breasts in different marinades and was from Illinois. I could see from the labels that they were about 15 percent sodium solution and contained high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup solids.

I told him straight up that we tried to stay away from sodium treated meats. He looked around furtively, pulled open a brochure and pointed to the price for the beef. He couldn’t even say it. $575. For a teeny box of beef. I tried to be nice about it, but I sent him packing pretty quickly.

I can get local beef processed any way I like for about $3/lb if I wanted to buy a whole side. If I want smaller amounts, it’s about $300 for a 50lb package of assorted meats.

I don’t buy very much of the premium cuts. I like stew meat. And ground beef. Cheaper roasts. Ribs. Tongue. Liver. Tail. Knuckle bones. And the occasional tenderloin. If I want a super premium steak, I go out.

As for chicken? I have a freezer full of .88/lb sodium-free whole roasters. What the heck would I do with naked, boned chicken breasts? What about broth? I just don’t cook like that.

After the guy had left, Patrick said he seemed legit, but kinda nervous. I said I’d be nervous too if I was asking people to pay $25/lb for meat.

Just think about how he would have felt if he knew I had spent about 4 hours that day planning for my rabbit operation.

We are definitely not his target audience.


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