First Quilt Class

Prompted by a gift card from my mother-in-law, I decided to take a quilting class. I was nervous about the whole idea, but since I have enough fabric for six quilts, a rotary cutter and mat, plus a brand new sewing machine, I decided to just bite the bullet and go.

It was not just any old class, so of course I bought more fabric for the pattern and then some more to make it big enough for our bed. A little piece of me rebelled at this, but since I have plans for all of my current fabric, and my husband gave the go-ahead, I spent two weeks reveling in color and pattern.

The pattern is Bali Sea Star from Scrap Basket Surprises. It’s the one on the cover:

My colors are more blue and green with some peach and russet on a brown background.

The first of two classes was last night. I felt a little awkward because I was at a table by myself, but I had a good time in the end. I was sure glad I had finished all of the cutting beforehand. I learned a lot about things incidental to quilting–about the feet on my machine, about marking and measuring, and about tasty, tasty applecake.

My mother-in-law gave me her old sewing machine case, and by the time I got home I was so glad to have gotten it. It was windy and I was trying to juggle several bags, and in the end it saved me a lot of hassle.

I finished one complete block during the class. Now remains the other 29. I wonder if I can get them all done by the next class on Tuesday!

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