Shopping Day

Today was slated for shopping, and since it was unseasonably warm I took the dog with me. Today’s errands worked out marvelously.

The farthest stop was the creamery, where it was bottling day! I got two gallons of whole milk still wet from bottling, and a gallon of cream so that I could make butter to freeze.

From there, it was a local butcher/processor. Today must have been my day, because I finally scored some of the fabled bulk bags of beef knuckles. I also got some honey ham, some funny thin and long white german sausages, and some reindeer kielbasa. I was hoping for more lamb roast or cubes, but it seemed to be all fancy cuts and kidneys. I got some stew beef instead.

At the supermarket, the seafood counter was rocking, so I got some salmon, cod, crab, shrimp, and rockfish. I’m going to make gravlax, crab dip, and seafood chowder. I also got plenty of great looking produce, including an awesome smelling tomato for midwinter BLTs with ranch dressing. I bought my first ever tangelos, and I picked up a round of my favorite sourdough, as well as some freshly ground peanut butter and (cough) three pots of jam.

I stopped by Target first, but the telling is the longest, so it’s for last. I found a large bag of Yummy Chummies, a local salmon pet treat that does not contain chicken–a must for Penny. I also found large plastic drinking glasses for our boisterous D&D group, and several much-needed packages of rubber gloves for cleaning. I use them out of habit, as I am allergic to conventional dish soap, and even though I use an organic, everything-free soap, I find my hands do better if they are not exposed to the very hot water I wash in. I also decided that stressing over our missing hand soap refill bottle was stupid, and bought another one. And I couldn’t pass up a $12 rice cooker to replace our ailing one. Dang, these big box stores really suck you in!

The real find was the cat litter, which we have been out of for some time. We use Feline Pine Scoop–a pine shaving based litter–because it is the only non-clay litter we have found that meets our needs. Seriously, since we switched from clay litters I almost never have to dust, and we don’t have to use our humidifiers anymore. We tried the wheat and corn based litters, but as our cats prefer extremely deep litter and neither of these litters soak up liquid quickly, we always ended up with this sour oatmeal-like substance on the bottom of the box, which when under two feet of litter, was a pain to clean.

Anyhow, I like this litter because it is always on sale SOMEWHERE, and when it goes on sale, it is always very on sale. Plus, one of the local supermarkets always prints coupons for it. Despite this, the best price I’ve found for it has been at Target. When on sale there, it is usually very on sale, and the last time I went, I got a 10lb box of it for about $7.50–about 10 cents less than the regular price of the 4lb boxes. The larger boxes are usually about $15.50, but as I’ve never paid that price, it wasn’t a number that really stuck in my head. So today when I saw a sign for it being on sale for $4.50, I checked the sign several times (yep, Feline Pine, 10lb) and pulled every box available and tracked down an associate to get four more from the back.

When I went to check out, it all rang up at–you guessed it–$15.50 a box. Holy cow, I was not prepared to see a $120 price jump at the scanner. Even the guy scanning me out was shocked. He suspended my transaction, got an associate on a walkie, and I took a box back to the aisle for it to be checked. The associate figured out that (of course) it was mis-signed, and she flagged down a manager to authorize a price override. It was so efficiently done that I didn’t manage to get in a word. It was found, corrected, and authorized just like that.

Now, I have worked retail and I understand how the process works, but I have never taken advantage of a mis-signage before. I made an exception this time, and nearly $80 was taken off of my tab. Wow. I got into the parking lot and called my husband to say that I couldn’t believe they let me walk out of the store! All told, I managed to get over six months worth of cat litter for about $35.

Not a bad day!


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