Except for the kitchen and our computers, I have packed all the items that logically go together. Because this old house has so much storage, I decided early to empty out every nook and cranny I could find. This has led to many interesting piles around the house that have been picked over and resemble nothing more than miniature trash heaps, though I assure you the contents are (mostly) not trash.

I have stalled on packing because these piles are so difficult to categorize. Do I waste time by sorting them all into relevant boxes? I think that would be counterproductive, since I’ve decided to purge once we move. Nothing is particularly heavy or breakable, and I’m considering boxing each pile and labeling it by location. As in basement, north wall. Or laundry room, east wall.

We have so much stuff. My husband and I each have a healthy dose of “I may need this some day” and since we inherited so many things after our wedding and the move and never really got this house in order, there are so many things that are unnecessary or triplicate or just unwanted.

I’ve been talking for months about how I wanted to reduce our belongings by about a quarter so that we could have some breathing room. My husband has been resistant to this. He has been saying, “but why so much? What could there possibly be to get rid of?” He’s come around, though. The other night in bed, I said it again, and he replied “why just a quarter? There’s so much that we don’t need!”

I love paradigm shifts.

Our new apartment isn’t large and I refuse to live a crowded, cluttered life there. It is entirely possible that we will end up having a baby during our tenancy, and I think there is plenty of room–if we can get our act together. I’ve already arranged for a smaller kitchen table and chairs to fit in the dining space, and I plan on getting nice wooden folding chairs to fill out the rest of the seating.

We’re getting rid of the massive and uncomfortable futon, which will leave a blocky little love seat and our “stolen” chair as the regular seating in the living room. Eventually I want to trade the love seat for a tiny couch that resembles the stolen chair. I know they exist and it’s just a matter of finding one. I’m also going to make floor cushions for extra seating.

Our primary use for the garage will be warming the cars in winter. Heated garage in Alaska? How could we not! It does happen to be a little longer than we will need for our vehicle, so the back part will be dedicated to storage of off-season items, tools, and the few outdoor things we will be keeping. I also plan on housing the rabbits out there and growing seedlings in spring. Again, it’s a tight space that will not be able to handle overcrowding.

But before that, I must Must MUST finish packing.

2 responses to “Moving

  1. I wish had the drive to purge that you have. I’d love to hack away at our belongings too. I’ve slowly been moving my stuff into Rich’s apartment, and now it’s just languishing in the basement. There is still so much at my parents’ house. I don’t even want to bring it over because there is nowhere for it to go! If I don’t organize the hell out of everything, I’ll never find it again, but it’s so overwhelming, I don’t even want to get started.

  2. homespunheretic

    I understand that feeling. We have about a quarter of my dad’s basement filled with boxes we never moved into this house. I have no idea what could possibly be in them (um… all my office stuff and more of my fabric and all of my antiques and keepsakes and my hutch and my great-grandmother’s frog collection and my china… basically all the nice stuff that we didn’t want broken at this house). It is really overwhelming to think how much stuff there is when it’s all going to be collected in one spot.

    I know from experience it’s better to get it all moved and sorted, even I’ll be crowded at first.

    I might sound optimistic now, but dang if I will ever pitch some tantrums before it’s all over and done with.

    You and I, we can get it tone together and take pretty after pictures to share.

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