I quit my job and we are moving out to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley on November 1st. Whee! What changes! I am so stoked about what’s ahead!

It’s been a long line of fortuitous happenings. First we found out that our landlord wanted to sell the house. It will be bulldozed, so we know we couldn’t stay. We started to look for places, even though we didn’t have a move out date. It’s hard to find places here in Anchorage that will accept more than two pets, and getting rid of any of ours was non-negotiable. We had not planned on moving out to the Valley for another few years, but we both hate this city and wanted to be out there that it seemed the perfect opportunity to just jump.

The atmosphere at my job just kept going downhill and my husband commented that every day I would come home and immediately say that I was dreading going back the next day. My six month date for being able to change departments was on the 30th of September. I informed my supervisor that I was going to be waiting for a position to open up in Wasilla so that I didn’t have to commute. She told me that management would likely keep me in this position until they hired and trained someone, and that the last person had to wait months before they were allowed to move, even though they were hired for the other position. In light of this, I put in my notice. I was not going to play any more games with that department. I can hire on with them again because I left in good graces, but it doesn’t look like anything will open up for a while.

In one lump sum, I paid off my credit card and a small loan that I had been making small payments on. That takes a huge weight off of my shoulders. I don’t have to start paying on my student loans until December. We also got our Permanent Dividend Funds, so even though I’m out of a job, we’re going to be okay for a month or two so I can be off to pack, move, unpack, and settle in to our new place.

We found a pretty, new, well-managed, inexpensive apartment with no fireplace, a laundry room, a huge kitchen, and a heated garage that is two blocks from the post office, five minutes away from my in-laws, and it’s fairly close to our very good friends, whom my husband will be commuting with. It will be good to live in a healthy place again, that I can take pride in. I have been so ashamed of the condition of this place that I don’t let anyone over. I miss having people come. I have been ruthlessly purging junk. There is only so much room in the new place, and I refuse to have it cluttered and junky.

It just so happened that my husband had a week off of work my first week out of a job, so we have had a great time staying at home and playing together. We like to celebrate, and that’s what we have done all week. Tomorrow is the first day of real work, to pack and clean, and my am I looking forward to it.


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