Another park

I was dead tired when I got home tonight. I’ve been coughing all day, and I really wonder if I am coming down with something. I didn’t do anything with Penny last night, and she really wanted to go out again. I almost didn’t, but I am so glad that we did!

This time we went to the University Lake Park, and it was worlds better than the scrubby, marshy place I went on Monday. Beautiful trails about a mile long around a lake. And teeming with dogs, which is what I wanted. Penny needs that exposure to other dogs. She did very well. She only bothered a few other dogs, only a few made her nervous, she was generally curious about people, she listened really well, she stuck fairly close to me and checked in often, and was really well-behaved. I was so happy.

The setup is rather nice, with about a half-mile of trail through woods next to the lake and then it opens up to a field for a time before winding back through around the lake. Bell-ringing was going on at a nearby church. I hadn’t heard such a thing since we lived across from the church in England. I had forgotten how much I had missed it. I hope we catch more of it. There were also copious signs of beavers, including a hilarious tree that was 7/8 of the way gnawed through with all the sawdust scattered around.

And wow was it ever pretty. Near the end of the walk, I came around a bend and just stood and admired the view. The mountains behind the forest were reflected in the lake, and all of it was bounded by a huge, complete rainbow.

I’m going back again tomorrow with my friend and one of his dogs. I’m looking forward to it.


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