Clam Diggers really are perfect for clamming…

I went clamming for the first time a few weeks ago. It was dirty and strenuous work, but it was a hell of a lot of fun! Honestly, it was six hours barefoot on a beach on a day I could have spent indoors at a desk editing spreadsheets. Complete win on my part.

Patrick had gone clamming as a kid with his family, but it had been perhaps 10 or 12 years since he last went. I was up for it, and we happened to stumble upon the best tide of the season, which was a Wednesday that we could both take off.

The Kenai peninsula is several hours away by car, and there’s always construction in summer, but we were quite determined that we could leave after work on Tuesday, get out to the campsite late that evening (thank goodness for that famed Alaskan summer sun, which provided good light at 1 a.m.) get up that morning, pack the campsite, drive over and get down to the beach, clam for several hours of the best tide, clean up, pack up, drive home, unpack the car, clean the clams, and go to bed at a reasonable hour so we could go to work on Thursday morning.

Let’s just say we got back into town exactly 24 hours after we had left it, and were in bed by 11:30 that night.

I declined to take my camera (which was having a battery problem) so I do not have any pictures of the wonderful and tiny old village of Ninilchik, where we went, but I plan to get some the next time we go out there.

We only caught about a quarter of our allowable limit, but it was a blessing. We would have been up until 3 a.m. if we had come home with 120 clams and had to clean them all. We’re the wiser for our trip, and several meals richer. We’ll be well prepared for the next time we go out, and we’ll probably not be as crazy as this time, taking only one day in the middle of the work week to do it.


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