Seasonal Focus

With the seasons being so dramatic here in Alaska, I find there’s quite a duality in the way I live.

In the summer I am very eager to be outside, to garden and to have fresh vegetables, to volunteer for labor at friends’ farms and stables, and to generally work towards self-sufficiency and inter-connectivity goals. 

In the winter, I nest like nobody’s business. As the winter progresses, I do less and less socially. I cook, and craft and generally focus on myself and my house and the people and animals living with me.

This is fine, I think much of this is normal human behavior. Moving from summer to winter is gradual and natural feeling for me. The problem comes in the transition from winter to summer. I begin to get the spring itch when there’s still four feet of snow on the ground, and it takes months for the weather to catch up. I am always surprised at how unbalanced I feel when things flip over. I’m always disappointed when, in May, I want to plant a garden, and I haven’t done any of the prep-work required to have a nice garden in this crazy short-but-20-hours-of-light-a-day growing season. I’m always shocked when summer comes and I realize I haven’t spoken to 3/4 of my friends for half a year. I’m always sad when I want to be outside playing, but I haven’t kept in enough physical shape throughout the winter to enjoy dayhikes so I’m exhausted a quarter of the way in.

This year I want things to be different.


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