There is a time for all things

On her blog, Gwen wrote:

When we first made these combs, I couldn’t handle them. I combed some fiber, but just gave up really. Now, two whole years later, I pick them up again and have very little problem. I definitely believe some things just come in time. You need to gain more experience, confidence, etc. before addressing certain things. It’s always a learning process!

I thought it was a great sentiment, as I have both combs and handcards that I haven’t really gotten the hang of.  Her comment sat in the back of my head, and was catalyzed by another post from the lady at  Sock Pr0n, talking about a Yarn Harlot post about drumcarding fiber sideways.  Comments on both blogs were talking about trying the technique on hand cards and why this wouldn’t work well, etc etc.

The whole discussion was so interesting, that I decided by golly I was going to try to figure out this handcarding thing once and for all! And do you know what? Gwen was right.

Can you spot the difference?

The fiber above is a minibatt that came from my previous attempts at carding. Not very inspiring, is it? It wasn’t difficult to spin with–worsted, that is. I could not get a proper rolag or any sort of long-draw to save my soul.

The fiber below is a perfect, airy rolag. It’s so light I can barely feel it when I am holding it.  Can you believe that it’s about 1/3 of the fiber in the top one? I am in love.

Let this be a lesson to future spells of frustration. Sometimes all it takes is a little time.


One response to “There is a time for all things

  1. I’m so glad for you! See? it just takes a little time and learning and adding on to your knowledge. Some things just HAPPEN when they are supposed to. I’ve got to admit, I feel a little bit of joy knowing I could plant a wee seed in your mind. Yay!

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