The guy who always phones in and calls me Katharine (every weekend I’ve worked for two years now) has called me an umptybillion times today and keeps asking for transfers. Several of the numbers have been bad, and I mistransfered him once, and he called me back THREE TIMES while I was trying to leave a message on a lady’s machine with a long message, and when he finally got me, he told me that I had given him the wrong number again, and that “all your transfers have been off in space today, Katharine.”

At least he thinks I’m someone else.


3 responses to “AUGH

  1. I have been mangling transfers myself lately. Not that I’ve ever been stellar with telephones.. today I didn’t hit the transfer button AGAIN after putting in the number, so I hung up on the guy (and he didn’t call back). But usually I don’t know anyone’s extension and I just go, “ermm… uh, I don’t know” and send them away to someone else who isn’t there.

  2. Try, “Just a moment”. It makes you sound like you’re searching for Very Important Things.

  3. Yeah, I’m really bad at sounding professional and in control.. i’m working on that.

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