Christmas=Glee in my family

Christmas at my Mom and Winston’s was early, and wonderfully fun! My siblings were there, as well as Rody’s friend Ben. We got him a lava lamp on short notice, and he loved it. It was my brother’s first christmas working, and like me, he went whole hog. He got Ben a Wii. And he got Mom and Win a Wii too! It was funny.

Pat is really hard to shop for because he never wants anything. He got a small tool set and several gift cards. One was for Lowes. His response was “Oh! Now I can go get that stapler I’ve been putting off…” and my mother and I were cracking up, because I had mentioned that he wanted a stapler to both my parents, and they BOTH got him a stapler, and my mother had to take hers back! I just have to keep him out of the store until Christmas.

It was a wonderful haul for me! The theme seemed to be warmth! I bought myself a set of bright, stripey, microfleece jammies,  since new Christmas PJs are a tradition! I also got a funky lavender zip-up flannel thing that Pat thinks looks like a lab coat. Now I have to mad-scientist the hell out of it.

For gifts, I got six (!) pairs of sinfully soft (LUXURY) boot socks. I got a (LUXURY) fleece blanket that I promptly put to good use for the rest of the evening. I also got fiber! (LUXURY FIBER!!!) My mother went and grabbed a bunch of things, and I’m loving them! Out of  60-some-odd colors, she picked out the EXACT color that I’ve been musing over for weeks. I also got some convenient colors of the stuff I’ve been spinning and running out of, as well as… two of the specialty batts (excitement) in really uncharacteristically dark colors (so sad…but wait!) that look amazing in the light. They’ll work incredibly well for a northern lights themed hat, scarf and glove project I’ve been thinking of doing!

My favorite present by far has got to be the sweater my sister bought for me… A hoodie in this delicious rich cinnamon-orange  color in ALPACA. That she bought with her own money! (A 3x hoodie out of alpaca is a LOT of money for a 14 year old with no job). It is just the tiniest bit too tight, but this splendid thing will be worth the work of losing some weight, and in the mean time I’ll be doing some very aggressive blocking.

I can’t wait to see what our other two Christmases bring!


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