Monthly Archives: October 2008

Project Update

I’m working on the wavy scarf for the Special Olympics. It’s fun, and I only have six more sections out of 24 to do. It’s really impressive looking for such a simple knit. I want to be done with it, though, because the Red Heart acrylic makes me die a little whenever I touch it. Too bad I still want to make five more scarves…

I need to make Jayne hats for Livia and Anton. I need to send two to Anton, because I am not sure what size will fit him. I’d like to get those packages in the mail so they get them by Halloween. Chop Chop…

The Tonalita One Row scarf is… as far as I can knit it for now. The other skeins are on order. This scarf’s squish factor is through the roof!

As you heard, I’m wrangling my handspun. It’s not fun at the moment, but it’s coming along. I have high hopes.

More to come.


Plying Frustrations

I’m really frustrated at my plying attempts. This pink merino I’ve been spinning is gorgeous and shimmery and smooth, but the second I ply it, it turns into this freaky, wooly, muddy mess that’s more thick/thin than the single!

I fought with it all afternoon, and then decided to knit up a sample to see how bad it biased, to see if it was as atrocious looking knit up as it was in the skein, and how the hand felt.

There’s good news, and there’s bad news. The bad news is that it biases something fierce. I’ll have to try a different plying method, because the one I’m using sure isn’t working. It biases because it’s overtwisted, and the hand is a bit firm because of that.

Once I sort that out, it’ll be all good news, because: Surprise! It looks exactly how I wanted it to look when it’s knit up! To top it off, the garter portions are extremely squooshy, like I was hoping. The stockinette? not so much, but when the overtwist is fixed, it should be very soft and yummy.