Monthly Archives: September 2008

When it rains it pours

I’ve been busy with school and I’ve had a bunch of extra assignments for work, and when you top that off with a burgeoning creative urge, I’ve been aswarm with things to do. This will last for a while, but in the honor of the first fallish day in this dreary summer, and for the commemoration of having to pull out the first long-sleeved shirt of the season in the house last night, I decided to knit my first cardigan.

I knew exactly what yarn I wanted. It’s called Mirasol Miski, a baby llama yarn. One of my local yarn stores has a display piece knit up in it. I accidentally brushed the piece one day, and I’ve been slavering over it ever since. I went and bought a ton of it the other day, not knowing what type of jacket/cardigan/wrap/hoodie I wanted to make. It’s been an agonizing couple of days, but I finally decided on this Drops pattern:

But of course I could not just knit a pattern as written. Oh no. I had to go and make it all fancy.  I’ve decided to work it in Coral and French Navy colorways with a pattern around the bottom edge and sleeves, and also with the textured stitch worked in the navy. The image is from a pattern called Winter Twilight Mitts.

This picture is similar to the correct colors. It should be one hell of a jacket when I’m finished.

Since I’ve never knit a fitted article of clothing, nor have I ever done colorwork, I highly anticipate this to be quite an adventure.