Who needs a keyboard?

Apparently I don’t. Not according to my computer, anyway. For some unfathomable and incredibly complex reason, my computer decided that it was in my best interest for it to ignore the keyboard for the entirety of this week. Any keyboard. With any sort of plug. USB, PS2, whatever.

I could mouse around to my heart’s content so I could still listen to music, watch movies, read my favorite websites (thank goodness for well-organized bookmarks), and download the podcasts I wanted to listen to, but no search engines, no e-mail, no replying to posts, and no writing of posts. This also meant no recipes. Gaah!

Late last night, desperate with the prospect of no dinner, Patrick monkeyed around under the desk for a while, replugged everything, tried to load new drivers, and nothing. He accidentally bumped the mouse on the desktop, the computer beeped obligingly, and voila, keyboard. He has no idea what the problem was.

It was the first week of school. I think the computer may have just been making a point.

I’m just glad I didn’t have to write any papers.

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