I’ve been thinking a lot about the purposes of this blog. I had a blog in a community that no longer served my needs. I have a number of people I keep tabs on, but I rarely post there because I never had anything to talk about. That blog was all about sharing for people I’ve communicated with for years. I’m a different person than I was when I posted copiously there, and I frankly feel a little strange offering differently themed content than I used to. I have felt more liberated in this blog because I only have 2.5 readers because I am writing for me, to organize my thoughts and record my doings.

When I made this journal, I needed it to be about the things I was missing. The overall theme of the journal is loosely “the things that I love doing that I should be doing more of to have a happy life” and happily, since I have been keeping it I have been living a more mindful life full of the things I love to do (hence the paucity of posts at times). Trust me when I say this has been a very fulfilling change from the way things have been for me for quite some time.

In the vein of other blogs that I like, I’ve been thinking that besides the general journal format, I’d like to try to post semi-regularly to more focused themes, while also having regular spots for recipes, crafty projects, animal updates, around the home updates, etc. The artificial structure will help keep me from hyperfocusing on one or another addicting activity.

I need some organizational changes as well. I’ve been busy, and I’ve been knitting for stress relief, but I haven’t wanted to flood the blog with more knitting posts. Crafting is certainly a part of this blog, but even I don’t want to look back on a flood of posts that read: “Knitted more. Tried some stuff. Frogged it. Happy with a pattern, will post pictures soon.” Instead, I will start a new page that has project entries, one project per entry with photos, and dates for the edits. Keeps things organized for me, and better for overall flow. I might do the same with recipes, or book/music/website reviews, or whatever I end up having a lot of.

School starts on Monday, complete with Beginning Painting, so things should stay interesting for me for quite some time.


4 responses to “Organization

  1. dangerouspenguin


    I like your blog because it’s about cool stuff that you like to do. Even though I can comment knowledgeably about knitting, I do like to read about it. (I can comment knowledgeably about recipes, though — love to cook).

  2. dangerouspenguin

    Totally OT (well, not *totally* I guess) — game across this blog I thought you might enjoy:

  3. homespunheretic

    Yeah, that knitted car is great, isn’t it? Another good one(s) is(are) and

    A little snarky, but great!

  4. homespunheretic

    I’m glad for your input about my topics. I’ll gladly include recipes. I do love them so.

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