Yarn Penance

Sigh. I cast on the scarf on both size 11s and size 9s, but, as expected, both were wrong. I didn’t like the look of the lumpy, lacy pattern of the 11s and the 9s? We’ll not talk about the nines, except to say that it’s a very, very gorgeous pattern for this yarn. And, of course, I have no straight tens. Another trip to the store is in order. I just need to make a catalog of all the needles I have, so that I can see at a glance what sort of needles I *don’t* have before I get started on a project. I also can’t decide if I want to knit this pattern on wood or metal. On one hand, the wood is a bit blunt, and it’s sticky. The metal ones are pointier, but be damned if the slipperiness doesn’t make the stars (p3tog/k/p in one stitch) really hard because the yarn falls off the needles. I’ve been practicing hard to keep my tension loose, because those stars are a real bitch. I’m thinking of experimenting either with crochet hooks or with circulars, hoping that will give the flex or delicacy that would make this easier.

I finished knitting the Robin’s Egg hat last night. I have mixed feelings about it. It’s really cute, but now that the whole hat is together, I can see what else I would change. I would cast on a few more stitches, and narrow the band by two rows. It looks fine off the head, but on the head it looks really strange. I might also experiment with turning the brim rather than having it be a false turn. That more than anything else would make a huge difference. I (of course) couldn’t find any of my finishing needles, so I still have to weave my ends, tack down the flap, and sew on the button. I probably won’t be keeping this particular hat, but I have enough yarn to make another one for me. Pictures once it’s finished.

I also began to experiment with what shall be known as the trauma mohair (black and blue and brown). I have four balls of this stuff, and I have a rather sentimental attachment to this particular yarn, despite its really horrid colorway. I taught myself to knit on this yarn, and I think it deserves to be honored. But augh. Another case of the variegated yarns reeling me in. Maybe an overdyed green to put some blending color into the 20% mohair will tone down the funky 80% acrylic. Maybe.

I started playing around with a lace pattern from one of my library books. It calls for laceweight, and this mohair “works up to worsted” though other descriptions call it aran weight. I need to both enlarge the pattern from a M-L to a 2x, but it’s pretty simple. I’m swatching now, and I’ll post pictures once the swatch is finished. I’m pretty sure I have enough to do with what I have in mind, but we’ll see.

I promised myself I would work through some of my stash yarns before I bought any more yarn from the stores. This, this is my penance.


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