Around the house

Can you tell what’s been taking up all my time lately? It sure hasn’t been housework. Sometime on Friday I realized every dish and every piece of silverware was dirty. That opened my eyes and I realized that our house had a bad case of scary neglect, and instead of going down to the school to sort out my student loans, I stayed home to clean. Yeow. I did about twelve sinkfuls of dishes and I scoured our bedroom.

I would like to note that we are not adjusting well to not having a dishwasher. I am very picky about the way my dishes are washed, and I don’t like the contaminatey way that Patrick washes dishes, and he doesn’t like to work without company anyway, so that means that either I wash all the dishes, or we wash the dishes together, or I sit there while he washes dishes. Either way, I have have to be present, and lately I can’t be bothered. But I wanted to cook tacos, and since all the pots and pans and utensils were dirty too, well, it seems I had to be bothered if I wanted some dinner.

It doesn’t help that we’re still in the process of moving in. We got to a livable state and then just tossed the rest out the window. I have a fishtank living on the kitchen table. It’s there because I can’t decide on where to put the damn thing. The upside is that the fish are really friendly now, but I would love to keep them in the kitchen. We still have a bunch of trash drywall stacked in one corner of our basement because I haven’t wanted to put it outside and we haven’t been able to get ahold of my dad’s truck. We have a few mystery leaks that we’re trying to locate before we move the furniture into position. We’ve had to rethink the positioning of our computers, because the perfect locations just happened to BOTH be directly under the sometimes leaky pipes from upstairs. Mine is still under some pipes, and I’m not real thrilled about that, but I can’t figure out where else to put my desk.

Yesterday Patrick came upstairs because there was something nosiy happening outside, and it turns out that my dad had come over to mow the grass so that they could start digging the holes for the fence. How funny. He didn’t call or anything. It will be nice to go outside and not have to keep an eye on Penny to make sure she’s not leaving the yard. She’s really good about sticking close, but she’s getting braver about exploring, so I’m very vigilant when she’s offleash in the backyard.

We still have a lot to move in. We still have a lot of space. Unfortunately, we aren’t using our space well at the moment, and I’ll be damned if I can figure it out. I’ve been hoping some distance will help with the perspective, and I think it just might have. I just have to get that damned drywall out of the way…


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