On Family

We went out to see Patrick’s parents on Tuesday night, and we had a great time. His mother and I always end up “talking shop”: either cooking or crafting of some sort. Patrick variably hangs out with his brother, or is being shown something by his dad. This time, they were outside throwing frisbees around. It’s probably been the nicest time we’ve had there since before the wedding. Maybe in six, eight months.

It made me think that we really need to wait before we move to Virgina. I really want my (as yet unborn) kids to be able to spend their little years around their grandparents. We can move once they go into school, but I really want them to have known their grandparents from a small age, and not just from small visits. I got a completely different grandparent experience from living around my family as a small child. There was such a community of love and fun and lessons that my brother and sister just didn’t get, and I’ve felt sorry for the things they’ve missed out on. Even though we moved when I was five, it was long enough to carry those feelings with me forever, and it made visits something to look forward to rather than something apprehensive or dread-inspiring, wondering why these people I don’t really know or like want to fuss over me so much.

Being able to stay here for a time feels like the right thing to do. I think that in six or seven years we will be in a better position to do the things we want to do. I guess only time will tell.


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