The Robin’s Egg Blues

I’ve wanted to make this hat since I first saw it, and I quite joyously ended up with a sweater the appropriate color, and, I thought, in an appropriate weight if I doubled the yarn. A word about recycled yarn: It is crinkly like ramen when you unravel it. Some fibers have more memory than others, and there are different ways to deal with this: stretching, steaming, a gentle bath… sounds quite luxurious, doesn’t it?

Anyhow, I decided to knit up a swatch in the blue wool/cotton yarn, and also a swatch in an equally cheerful cerise in cotton and cashmere. The blue is a finer yarn than the cerise, but the pattern calls for a chunky yarn and a needle size that I don’t have (which was ok, since I had to go smaller anyhow). It is important to get the correct gauge, especially if you are knitting with different yarn and/or needles than a pattern called for. The cerise knit up beautifully, but was two stitches too wide for the gauge. The blue was significantly closer to the correct gauge, but it knit up into lumpy, uneven, weird fabric with poor stitch definition. Not good. Observe:

This can, of course, be solved by the stretching/steaming/soaking method above, BUT I like the look of the larger stitches, and I am not quite prepared to use three strands of yarn for this hat.

This *does* solve a problem I had been having. I have a lacy mohair-ish sweater that is exactly the same color as the blue yarn, and I was lamenting the hat project because there wouldn’t be enough left for me to use both yarns in something. Because the something was quite undefined, and that had is way too cute to pass up, I opted for the hat anyway. This afternoon I found an appropriate pattern for both yarns, and even though I could fix the yarn to make the hat, I will be quite happy to leave the hat for this:

It’s called the side-to-side lace cardigan, and it has lace panels across the back and on the shoulders, and the sleeves and body are knit in more solid yarn. It’s perfect.

I will continue to knit the hat in the cerise, and do the rather simple math it will take in order to change the hat to accommodate the yarn. I hope to finish it by the end of the weekend.

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