More sweater news

I’ve been trying to hit up different thrift stores around town to check out the sweater content. The salvation army stores have been so-so. I’ve gotten some really neat sweaters, and they’re all between 3-8 dollars. Yesterday I went to Value Village, which is known for its large clothing selection. I hadn’t been in a while, and I haven’t gotten into the habit of combing thrift stores here in Alaska like I did the charity shops in England.

I was pleased to see that they had a new layout very specifically ordered first by sex/age, then type of clothing. and then by color. It was sweet! And, instead of the 50 or so sweaters spread out all over the store, they had FOUR store-spanning racks of women’s sweaters, and another huge row of men’s sweaters. The best part is, on Mondays, they pick a tag color (tags are randomly assigned) and all items with that tag color are 99 cents. This is even more exciting when you consider that much of this clothing is in *very* good condition, and the sweaters ranged from 2 dollars to 25 dollars.

I got 14 sweaters, a pretty periwinkle wrap for work, one silky print shirt I plan to line a bag with, and a book I’ve been looking for, for about 18 dollars. The total tag price on all of this? about 130 dollars. You can bet I’ll be there on Mondays from now on.

I also devised a way to label the yarns once I have them frogged. I’ve been keeping a notebook with the sweater details and the yarn weights, but I needed some way to identify the balls of yarn themselves. I decided to give them fake designer names based on what sort of info I can get off of the tags, plus where I got them from. Eventually I will make pretty tags on cardstock or scrapbooking paper, but in the meantime, scrawled labels in pencil on scraps of computer paper will do. I took some waste yarn in a contrasting color and simply tied them on after I had cut a hole for them. They are very cute. The sweater I frogged last night is all done, the balls of yarn sitting cheerily with their labels that read: Vivienne Australian Cotton in Claret and on the back gives the weight and estimated yardage. Vivienne is going to be the marker for Value Village, while I will choose something like Salvia for the Salvation army, and so on from my different sources. I do want to include brand name in there somewhere (the example was a St. John’s Bay 2xl tall men’s sweater), but overall I’m pleased with the effect.


2 responses to “More sweater news

  1. dangerouspenguin

    I am a big fan of the VV Boutique. I HATE shopping for clothes, but it’s definitely more fun when there’s some sport involved. Congratulations on the haul — more pictures!

  2. homespunheretic

    As requested: a picture of some of the tagged balls.

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