A little bad habit

So I have a little bad habit of buying single skeins of yarn when i find something interesting at the yarn store. I do this because I think something is neat, not because I have a project in mind, and I’m not rich enough or dedicated enough to buy the 10-20 skeins it would take to complete an undefined larger project that I might never get around to sometime in the future. What this means for me is that I tend to acquire a number of really great yarns that I don’t have enough to do anything with.

It frustrates me when I sit down and take a look at what I have. I end up with quantity of sale acrylics and novelty earmarked for specific projects that I’ve since thought better of, and single skeins of really nice wool or other natural fiber. I’ve been trying to mend my ways, and I have made some really pretty scarves out of novel combinations of this yarn in an effort to clear out these singletons.

While one can never have too many scarves in a chilly place like Alaska, I’ve been wanting to branch out a bit. My last rummage came up with a dark skein of Manos del Uruguay in a variegated warm black and shades of dove gray. It’s *much* darker than anything that I usually like, and it must have looked very different in the store. It’s so dark, in fact, that I couldn’t think of a single thing to do with it once I got it home.

When I was going through hat patterns for something to knit the Landscapes into, I came across a pattern for a cloche hat that I particularly liked. It was felted, which is something that I’ve been experimenting with a little, and I just think it looks really snazzy.

I wondered what yarn they used, and when I checked, lo and behold it was one skein of Manos del Uruguay. Sweet. After tearing through my supplies looking for the correct sized  needles and some stitch markers, I realized I could knit it on double pointed needles instead of circular needles (not instantly obvious to me, I’m still new at this) and I found exactly FOUR stitch markers, which I cannibalized from a dead project. I cast on immediately, and man, this wool feels good to knit. It’s a bit sticky in hand, but it slides well even on my wooden needles. I have great faith in its ability to felt.

Since my hat will be dark, I shouldn’t use a dark band for it. I like that ribbon, but I don’t want to do a light colored ribbon because I don’t think it will look as nice. Instead, I plan to find a matching cabochon and bead it, perhaps in dark teal for contrast, perhaps pink, with a medium toned ribbon that brings out the lighter colors in the wool.

I’m starting to see the necessity of a project notebook.


2 responses to “A little bad habit

  1. That is a very cute hat. Here on the rainy wet coast I wear a hat almost all winter as protection against the damp chill — I’d buy that in an instant.

  2. homespunheretic

    That’s not my hat, but I could make something just like it. I’m trying to get an Etsy store set up for all the crazy things I like to do. I love doing commissions. We can work something out with colors and style, if you want. I’m trying to get pricing correct for materials and time, so any extra projects I do at this state would be great. Besides, Jayne hats!

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