Finding Rowan: “We dun hav that.”

Green Apples had a post about the new issues of the knitting magazines, and I was in love with several designs from Rowan Magazine issue 44. I decided to see if I could find it in town.

  • Me: I’m looking for Rowan. It’s a magazine. R-O-W-A-N
  • Barnes & Noble: *tapity tapity* I’m sorry, we don’t stock that.

If I only knew, I might have stopped calling now.

  • Me: Hello, I’m looking for a magazine called Rowan?
  • Borders: Rowing?
  • Me: *facepalm* Rowan. R-O-W-A-N
  • Borders: Wowon… no we don’t carry that.
  • Borders: OH! ROWAN! I’m sorry, we don’t stock that.

At least she knew what it was.

Bookstores obviously are not cutting it. Let’s try the craft stores. I know JoAnns Sells Interweave, maybe I’ll get lucky.

  • Northway JoAnn’s: Um. Uh. Yeah? Uh, JoAnn’s.
  • Me: I’m looking for a knitting magazine called Rowan.
  • NJ: A magazine?
  • Me: By the patterns. At the end of the cabinet.
  • NJ: Oh. Hold on. (loooong pause) Ma’am?
  • Me: Yes?
  • NJ: Ma’am?
  • Me: YES?
  • NJ: We dun hav that.

*headdesk* Let’s try the other JoAnn’s and hope we don’t get another braindead girl.

  • Male JoAnn’s: Yo! This is Jo-ANN’S! Wut can I do for you?

Oh this is going to be soooo much better, I can tell.

  • Me: I’m looking for a knitting magazine.
  • MJA: A magazine? (why do they ask that?)
  • Me: You know, with pages?
  • MJA: Let me go check. Yeah… we got magazines.
  • Me: A specific knitting magazine.
  • MJA: Oh, a knitting magazine! Let me go check. Yeah, we got those. What issue?
  • Me: A specific knitting magazine called Rowan.
  • MJA: Uh… let me go check. No, uh uh, sorry.

I then had the bright idea to call, you know, the YARN STORES. Geez.

  • Me: I’m looking for a knitting magazine called Rowan.
  • The Yarn Branch: You are?
  • Me: Yes.
  • TYB: …
  • Me: Rowan?
  • TYB: …
  • Me: Do you have it?
  • TYB: Oh! Let me go check. No, I’m sorry.


  • Me: Do you carry Rowan the magazine?
  • Far North Yarn Co: What issue are you looking for?
  • Me: (hallelujah!) 44, the newest one
  • FNYC: I don’t think it’s come in yet. No, no it’s still in the mail. Would you like me to reserve a copy for you?
  • Me: That’s ok, I’ll check back later in the week.

Well, at least I’ve found a source.


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