I like blogging because I can always tell if I am getting off track with my goals. If I am not on task, I have nothing to write about. I can have nothing to say if I have made no progress.

I’ve been feeling a little melancholy today, a little off for a couple of days. I’ve been staying up too late, sleeping too late, and I’ve been generally unmotivated around the house. Could be the weather. I like the rain, but it’s been raining for weeks, and it’s kept me from a few things Could be that I’ve been overworked, as I hadn’t gotten a break from work for about 12 days. Could be that it’s just that time of the month, though I haven”t had too many problems lately.

What ever the reason, I was tired of being so unproductive, so I did some laundry and washed all the dishes and made a respectable dinner. I set up a composting container so we can start composting. I worked way past when I wanted to stop. I feel better for seeing the improvements.

But still down.


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