My husband

My husband Patrick is very easy going. Talk about rolling with the punches. I can be a pretty stormy person to live with at times, but he weathers it extremely well. He is also very (unintentionally) Zen in that he is not very concerned with the future, and lives very fully in the present. He always seems to be a bit shocked when I say something is imminent, even though I’ve talked about it before and he knows it’s coming. It’s pretty endearing.

I feel really blessed because I’m constantly hit with all sorts of scatterbrained ideas that keep me running in a million directions, and I know I can count on him to help me out with every single one of them. I just have to remember that I need to ASK. And be really clear that I’m not asking his opinion, I’m asking for his help.

Sometimes, I don’t have to ask. He’s also very good at meandering in and asking if he can help with something. I love it! One day I had my friend over and told her about this phenomenon. It’s especially strong when clinking dishes are involved. I went into the kitchen, turned on the water, and clinked a few plates around. Sure enough, Pat comes trotting into the room with a “Can I help with anything?” My friend and I about died laughing.

We were working in the kitchen together the other day, and the conversation turned to when we might move to Virginia. It’s something we’ve talked about a little since our honeymoon, and we’ve been sorta kinda serious about it, but there certainly hasn’t been any planning. With firm certainty, Pat comes out of the blue with: “Well, our lease is up in two years, we’ll just move then.” Just like that. Simple, plain, and sound. And I thought that he couldn’t plan…


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