Evaluating Jackie

I went out to the farm to see Jackie again. Jeanette and I went and picked up some fencing from a neighbor, and then I wanted to take Jackie out and about to see what she was like. We found an old collar and leash in the barn and we were all set. It was really great when Jeanette called, “Jackie, let’s go for a ride!” and Jackie ran right to my car like she knew there’d be no way she’d be going anywhere with Jeanette. She was very excited, and wanted to sit in my lap. Once I made it clear she couldn’t, she settled down on the seat, focused on me, not the passing scenery. She hopped out of the car neat as you please. 

She walks nicely on leash. She pulls a little, and wanders, but she doesn’t strain or lunge. She seems to be very familiar with the leash boundaries. The store was exciting for her, but people made her very nervous. Most of the adults just looked and turned away, but there were two little boys, perhaps seven and five, who wanted to pet her. She hid behind me, and I walked off. I didn’t realize they were following us, and when they asked again, I said they could let her sniff them and then we’d see. Obviously old pros at the dog meeting business, they crouched down real low and offered their closed fists for her to sniff. She peed submissively, but sniffed their hands and her worries were completely absolved as these two little boys cooed and stroked her. She soaked it up! Not the pee, thankfully. We went to report that a clean up was needed. She was still edgy around people, and alarmed by the rattling carts, so we stuck to the less populated aisles while we looked at toys and collars and treats. I let her pick out a few snacky biscuits and a filled rawhide chew.

I was unprepared for how many people stopped to say how dang cute she was! Sure, I think so, but it was sort of shocking how many people were cooing over her. And how quickly she adjusted. We went outside and practiced sits for treats. She knows the command well, likes to please, and likes food, so I anticipate that she’ll be a very fun dog to train. After working, I let her go sniff all the grass behind the building as a reward.

I let her have the rawhide chew on the way back to the farm, and she took it and turned several circles and lay down muching contentedly on the ride. Even after she finished, she was calm and relaxed. She wasn’t wild at all.

Jeanette and I fed and watered rabbits and sorted some boxes out on the grass. Jackie wanted to be in my lap, and I finally picked her up and cuddled her like a baby. She thought it was great, and snuggled up to my side when I put her down.

When it was time for me to leave, Jackie pranced over to the car expectantly, all ready to go. She knows as well as I do that she’s got a forever home. Patrick says we can bring her home next weekend. I can’t wait.


3 responses to “Evaluating Jackie

  1. dangerouspenguin

    Ohhh! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see some pictures. Even at her age positive social experiences will help to curb that shy behavior — she may never be outgoing with strangers, but she stop the submissive peeing when she realizes that they’re not out to get her.

  2. homespunheretic

    I’m really excited, and I’ve been trying to get the house in order. I know she used to be housetrained, but with the peeing thing and the chewing thing, we’re putting her on a puppy schedule until we know she’ll be ok.

    I’m still getting used to having a camera. I finally bought one before Thanksgiving last year, but I hadn’t seen it in MONTHS. Turns out I had stuck it in the pocket of the jacket I had worn to Thanksgiving dinner and had never worn the jacket again. I found it when we moved out of our apartment. I forget to take it with me. I’m resolving to be better about that, because I love being able to snap candid shots, and I’m tired of having to do it with my camera phone. Blogs like yours and 3WAAW make me really want to have pictures up.

    I think that’s how I got to your blog, btw. I couldn’t remember for the life of me how I found it! I’m glad I did, though.

  3. dangerouspenguin

    Ah, yes. I have been involved in TDBCR (the dog rescue Sheena founded) for years so I also keep a close eye on 3WAAW (and have met them all in-person — Willow and Piper used to play together as pups).

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