The Herding Trial That Never Was

I’ve been absolutely crazy about herding dogs for about a year and a half, so when I hear through the grapevine that there was going to be two back-to-back trials on the 4th of July weekend, I rearranged my whole schedule to be able to go. I had planned on hitting one day of each trial, most likely Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, we ended up having a barbecue with my folks for the holiday. We had to move the remainder of our furniture from their garage, so no problem. On Saturday, DH and I had planned to go and to have dinner with his folks afterwards. We got a call from one of our friends whom we haven’t seen in over a year, and I said what the heck, and we invited him over for Saturday day before we drove out to see his folks. We didn’t get back until late, and we were up even later, so of course on Sunday we didn’t really feel like driving anywhere. Oh well, there was always Monday. DH was going to be at work, so I would just drive out there once I dropped him off. Wrong! I was at home printing off directions and I hear him come in the front door twenty minutes after I dropped him off (he had walked home from work) slightly frantic because he couldn’t get ahold of me on the cell phone. Apparently, he needed the car for a meeting across town, so there’ll be no driving out of town for me until at least noon. I have no idea what the hours of the trial are, and it’s an hours drive away.

Maybe I can at least go spend the day at Meadow Lakes, even if the trial is over. Sigh.


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