Meadow Gates

I’ve been driving north to Meadow Gates, a farm animal rescue, and the home of Shawn the dog. I went out there because I was interested to see Shawn, but I planned to stay and help out with the other animals, if the help was wanted. I’m trying to up my exposure to farm animals and their care, even if I can’t have them in the city.

So far I’ve helped feed, water, and move rabbits, groomed a very uncooperative cat, hauled water all over the front 7 acres, fed the suspicious horse and llamas, petted the friendliest sheep I’ve ever met, and hung out with the loose dogs. Because I had gone out there initially for Shawn, I have ended up spending a lot of time with the loose dog pack. I wanted to see how Shawn would be groomed, and that has led to several massive grooming sessions. Today it was too hot to work during the day, so we spent all day grooming the dogs in the shade. The malamutes and huskies blowing coats look hilarious, and we got scads of fur off of them.

Farm Lady and I get on surprisingly well. We share a lot of ideas about How Things Should Be Done and apparently that isn’t too popular amongst some of the people she deals with. Also surprisingly, she says no one is interested in working with the dogs. They all want to pet the bunnies (who find it stressful), or feed the horse (who is a cantankerous pony in her 30s who is done with people, thank you very much). I always feel bad for wanting to hang out with the dogs. The second time I visited, I carried treats around in my pocket doling them out all day, and now all the dogs are my BFFs. It’s not that hard. I guess I can see how people might be intimidated by all these well-behaved, respectful, expectant dogs (read: scary pack of wild hyenas). Sort of. Sheer numbers and size, and all, but they’re all total pushovers!

In short, Farm Lady asked if I’d be interested in working with the dogs when I come out as a general rule. I said as long as I get to help with other stuff too, that would be just fine! Ha. I can’t wait to start playing clicker games.

With the llamas.


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