A neat thing about This Old House is that there are plant hooks everywhere on the ceiling. I’ve taken the opportunity to finally acquire some houseplants! There is a golden pothos in the kitchen, and a lavender African Violet (African Lavendar? Ha. DH affectionately calls it the ‘Frikkin Violet) I have had to be very good and not buy any more yet. We haven’t been able to have them because Batman is terrible about plants. “Oh hey, looks like that could use a little off the- *gas powered hedge trimmer sound*” He doesn’t eat them, just likes to chew. This cat is OCD about flossing. His favorite is the plastic mesh that you can get vegetables or fruit in. if his piece gets thrown away, he walks around trying to find a suitable replacement. AAARRRGH!

I am usually pretty stern about no-one hitting the cats, but I wanted to get my point across when he went to go “help” with the violet. I was turning it and he came over for a sniff and then he decided that he was going to take a right tasty bite and SWACK! I swatted the bejeezus out of him with my work gloves from behind. Cured that habit. He won’t even look at the violet now, hides behind me when I offer it to him. No problems with the gloves, no flinching if I go to mock-hit him. Success! So far it has carried over with the other random leafy things that have been in and out of the house for short periods. Wonderful! I wish I had the patience to sit and shape something like that, but for potentially life-preserving things I’m willing to resort to a little bit of force.

We’ll have to see if this carries over to cut flowers. DH kept me in flowers from early in our relationship to the day we got the cats. I’ve had perhaps four bunches since, all of them “creatively razored” courtesy of Batman, no matter where they were placed.


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